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Water Project

The TAMU Colonias Water Project is the result of interdisciplinary engagement of creative public pedagogy to research, produce and distribute affordable, appropriate point of use ceramic water filters for residents in the Texas colonias and other local and global rural communities.  The water project emerged from integrated discussions and workshops around the social, cultural, political, and health issues related to inadequate access to potable water. For-profit, nonprofit, co-ops, development of microenterprises, and local alternatives are discussed to assure sustainability.   


The training academy will build the capacity of colonias residents to use accessible technology for water filtration, water purification by constructing a place-based water filter using clay, sawdust, and water.  Residents will be able to filter non-potable water they currently have, into clean water. 

The Water Filtration Training Academy in Laredo, TX, was inaugurated February, 6, 2015. The first cohort, 3 individuals from Monterrey, N.L., completed training. Also, the Rotary Club presented Rueda de Medicina, their first ceramic water filter press. 



If you would like more information you can contact Jose Gutierrez at 888-728-6221 or